July 17, 2019

Surprising Facts About Lamb Meat

Even with its rising reputation for weight and health conscious individuals around the globe, lamb meat is still not as common as compared to pork, chicken, and beef. However, it is now noted to be healthier. There are a couple of noteworthy nutritional facts that surround lamb meat.

Vitamins. Lamb is rich in Vitamins B1, B2 and E. These vitamins are particularly beneficial towards skin health. These vitamins, in turn, aid in the smooth transformation of energy and prevent storage of fat. B1 and B2 are vitamins that help boost metabolism while Vitamin E helps in the improved reconstruction of cells across the body. It also helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.

Amino Acids. Considered as building blocks to protein which is essential to our bodies, high amounts of amino acid can be retained from the healthy intake of lamb meat. Lysine helps boost the immune system while methionine aids in the relief of allergic symptoms. Phenylalanine, which can also be found in lamb meat, can suppress appetite. L-carnitine, another type of amino acid, supports conversion of fatty acids into energy which in turn, encourages fat burn. The same amino acid promotes improved physical performance even with age.

Unsaturated Fat. Fats have several types, with each specific type having different effects on our bodies. Lamb meat has a significant amount of unsaturated fat (the “good” kind of fat). The type of fat is usually found in vegetables and fish and help in the prevention of blood clots, arteriosclerosis (the thickening and hardening of blood vessels). It also encourages healthy lowering of blood pressure.

Low Caloric Value. While most people would think that meat is always synonymous to high calories, lamb meat actually contains lesser calories. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the weight conscious. A hundred grams of beef contains 259 calories while the same amount of lamb meat only has 198. That’s a significant difference!

While the benefits are there, keep in mind that there are still disadvantages if lamb meat is not taken in moderation. The same goes for any other type of food. That is why the maintenance of a well-balanced diet is essential as always, in order to achieve the optimal health which we all truly deserve. With adequate and moderate intake of lamb meat, the benefits discussed in this post are surely within reach.