Family Garden/Farm

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Our Story

Our garden was established two decades ago by our grandparents. Fresh out of their retirement, they bought a parcel of land nestled in the valleys that give it a magnificent view on all sides.

At first, the garden was just a side hobby of my grandmother who was busy tending to her farm. It was out of the interest of our mother that the garden bloomed. They planted ornamental and flowering plants. The next thing they knew, the garden blossomed into what it is now, a rustic and peaceful patch of Heaven on Earth.

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Aside from this garden, my grandparents cultivated a mini farm that produces organic vegetables and fruits. These harvests get sold in our Saturday Market that we open to the public.

Now, we, the grandchildren are looking after the management of the garden and farm. We decided to open it to the public to showcase the beauty of the estate and share the bounty we receive each harvest! Keeping it just to ourselves would be unfair.

Please visit us on Saturdays from 6 AM to 1 PM. There are Saturdays where we are closed for family functions, so please visit our website for announcements before you go.

See you on our farm soon!