August 21, 2019

Blue And Green Laser Pointers – What’s The Difference?

One of the more noticeable differences between an azure laser pointer along with an environmentally friendly laser pointer is cost. A ten mW azure laser beam tip expense $700 when compared with the cost of the equivalent fifteen mW green laser pointer which cost a hundred dollars.

It’s not simply blue laser pointers that happen to be much more costly. Blue laser beam modules, OEM lasers, and lab lasers are a lot more costly compared to their purple alternatives. The reason behind such significant price variations are the procedures used to create the laser beam, the parts used the manufacturing volumes.

Beam generation process

Both green and blue laser pointers use a pump diode which gives out an infrared 808nm lamp that’s utilized to pour similar kind of crystals. The pumped crystals, in turn, give out lighting in the much-infrared spectrum. The distinction between green and blue lasers will be the optical coatings on the pumped crystals and also the kind of far infrared light created by these crystals.

The pumped crystals in an environmentally friendly laser pointer come with an optical coating which can cause the crystals to share mostly 1064nm infrared light that’s frequency doubled by another crystal to green 532nm lighting. The pumped crystals inside a blue laser pointer have another layer which can cause the crystals to share mostly 946nm infrared light that’s in addition frequency doubled by another crystal to 473nm lighting.

The components

The procedure for creating 1064nm light is a lot more effective than creating 946nm lighting so azure laser pointers require a large pump diode to produce similar strength. The bigger pump diode makes bluish laser pointers much more expensive. The frequency doubling crystals in blue laser beam pointers are rarer & more costly than those in green laser pointers.

Producing volumes

Green laser pointers have far better exposure than azure laser pointers and lessen temperature problems at increased energy levels. What this means is that green lasers are utilized for a greater number of diverse applications like astronomy, pointing, signaling and burning and are manufactured in pretty high volumes. Blue laser pointers, on the other hand, are a lot more restricted in their software and are produced in lots of lower volumes. Like any item, the lower the amount produced, the more costly the product is.

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